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"Writing a song is like discovering a beautiful jewel. You didn't create it, but since it is so beautiful you want to share it with the world."

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New Song! A Light Out Of Darkness

“The Light shines on in the darkness, and the darkness has never overpowered it.” (John 1:5)

This new song has been awhile in coming, as I’ve been going through darkness in my life. But as I went through darkness, I discovered that there is Light there too. We are never alone, and if we let in the Light, it will bring us to a new life.

You can also listen on Apple Music/iTunes, as well as Google Play. 

I hope you enjoy this song!

with love,


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New Song almost finished…

Hey Everyone!

My new song “Light Out of Darkness” is almost finished! Just need to record the vocals and put in some finishing touches. Stay tuned!


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Working on a new song, “A Light Out of Darkness”

Hey Everyone,

I’m working on a new song called “A Light Out of Darkness,” which I’m really excited about.  Stay tuned for the the finished version!

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Milk And Honey

This song is an invitation to come to the place of divine happiness and beauty, a land of Milk and Honey…
Available on iTunes and Spotify


Verse 1:

This song is for all those who long for peace inside
Who’ve walked a lonely road,
Tired of losin’ and tired of tryin’


So come on down
Come on down

Verse 2:

Life can break you down,
Bring you to your knees.
With nowhere else to go,
Then you finally see…

I wanna take you to this place
The land of Milk and Honey
I wanna show you This Face
The Face that loves you always

Verse 3:

Tried all you can try,
Done all you can do.
A voice deep inside,
Is calling out to you…





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My Life For You-new single from Transformation Earth

My Life For You-new single

Available on iTunes and Spotify


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Blue Skies-New single

Check out the new single from Transformation Earth-Blue Skies

Now available on iTunes. Also check it out on Spotify.

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Coloring Book Collaboration with Inspiring Expression

I recently did a collaboration with Carmen, the wonderful artist who works at Inspiring Expression.  She has recently created a coloring book for adults, called “Relaxing Geometric Designs and Patterns: Coloring Book for Adults.” My song “Joy” was featured as the background music for her video advertisement.

Her book has so many beautiful designs, perfect for relaxing and de-stressing.  Check out the video below.  You can purchase the book on Amazon, and you can buy “Joy” on iTunes, Amazon Music, and Google Play.